Accu Tac FC 10 QD
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Accu Tac FC 10 QD

The F-Class FC-10 QD Bipod from Accu-Tac is the perfect bipod for all hunting, long range, target, competition and tactical shooting. Made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum, this bipod is equipped with a quick detach rail mount to quickly, easily and securely attach the bipod to your rifle. No extra tools for tightening needed.

This F-Class has the ability to pan and the leg design allows the shooter to quickly adjust to five different positions with the advantage of being able to position each leg differently.

To engage or adjust the leg positions, simply pull the leg downward to move each leg independently. Leg positions can be deployed in a 45° or 90° position either forwards or backwards, locking securely into five positions through a 180° arch.
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