XCP Rust Blocker 500ml
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XCP Rust Blocker 500mlXCP Rust Blocker 500mlXCP Rust Blocker 500ml

XCP Rust Blocker 500ml

Pumpspary flaska 500ml


XCP Rust Blocker is a soft, anti-corrosive compound that can be applied in many ways (spray, wipe, brush or even by dipping the workpiece in it).

Rust Blocker creates a soft, long-lasting protective barrier to protect any steel, metal or alloy surface against the effects of rust and corrosion.

The surface is left with a soft coating that resists cracking. Depending on the level of protection required, the thickness can be further reduced by polishing down, if necessary.

The bonding of the film with the metal surface will ensure market leading corrosion resistance. The XCP range of products was originally made for the industrial market. Read more about this here.
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